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Client Views

Wise Investment has worked with T Bailey since 2007, and we have been consistently impressed by their collaborative attitude and willingness to help. Their day-to-day operations are efficient and a pleasure to deal with. As we have grown and our requirements evolved, they have worked with us to ensure that the funds that we manage continue to meet our and our clients’ expectations. We are very glad to have T. Bailey as our operational partner.

Dr. Ben Peters, Chief Executive Officer
Wise Investment


We have been working with T. Bailey for almost two years. Throughout that period they have handled every request from us quickly and accurately. They have struck an excellent balance between fulfilling their responsibilities as ACD for the Fund while assisting in making the Fund more attractive in the marketplace.

I have recommended T. Bailey to others seeking an ACD based on their professionalism and the fact that you can always get to speak to the right person on the phone when you need to.

Russell Hogan, Managing Partner/CIO
Dundas Global Investors


T. Bailey and Amati share the same business ethos and customer focus. We are confident that T. Bailey offers shareholders of the fund an excellent service on our behalf.

Paul Jourdan, Fund Manager
Amati Global Investors


T. Bailey has been a great support. I like the fact that when you pick up the phone to discuss any issue you get someone who understands exactly what you're trying to achieve and what you need. We get all the data we require quickly. Working with T. Bailey has been a really positive experience.

Gavin Curran, Investment Manager
Doherty Pensions and Investment Consultancy

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