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T. Bailey Supports

T. Bailey Supports is a joint effort with our sister company, T. Bailey Asset Management, to work in corporate partnership with two locally-based charities a year, in order to give back to a community which we are proud to be a part of.

We are extremely happy to announce that our chosen charities for 2017 are the Nottinghamshire Hospice and the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

We support Nottinghamshire Hospice because:

For individuals who have been diagnosed with limiting or terminal illnesses, the Nottinghamshire Hospice provides an invaluable source of care and comfort for both patients and families. T. Bailey is a family-owned business with a supportive corporate culture, therefore giving back to such a cause is a fantastic opportunity. 50% of the £40million required annually to keep the Hospice services running is raised through a combination of donations and fundraising, which T. Bailey can contribute to.

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance matters to us because:

With speed being of critical importance when someone is in a serious accident or is taken ill, the Lincs & Notts ‘Ambucopter’ is an indispensable resource. It comes as a surprise that our local Air Ambulance charity, and others like it, rely entirely on fundraising and donations to fund every operation; from equipment to staff to training, and ultimately saving patient’s lives. £2.1 million is needed yearly to keep flying, meaning any impact T. Bailey can make is all the more valuable.

For further details of T. Bailey Supports fundraising, donations and events, please check here.

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