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Risk Committee

The Risk Committee comprises the Group Chief Executive, TBFS Chief Executive, a Non-Executive Director and the Compliance Director and reports to the Board. The Risk Committee meets on a monthly basis to review and challenge various key risks including: 

  • fund investment risk (spread, counterparty exposure, liquidity, derivatives exposure)
  • fund performance and fund flows
  • market timing and Fair Value Pricing events
  • breaches and complaints
  • operational risk items
    • business continuity planning
    • insurances (including professional indemnity insurance)
    • the risk register* 

The Risk Committee also reviews and approves

  • new fund launches
  • changes to existing funds
  • periodic due diligence of outsourced functions

* the purpose of the risk register is to identify and rank risks based on probability and impact, identify mitigating controls and to identify action points aimed at further mitigating risks where appropriate.


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